Mexico City sued a high rank Mexican Catholic cleric

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It was to be expected the controversy that would bring among conservative sectors of the society, specially the Catholic Church, the decision of the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice endorsing the constitutionality that married gay couples in Mexico City can adopt, but not to the extent of a lawsuit of Mexico City’s Mayor, Marcelo Ebrard against the cardinal of Guadalajara, Juan Sandoval Íñiguez.
After the Mexican Supreme Court of Justice declared on Friday and Monday, unfounded the trial that was promoted by the Federal Attorney General, Arturo Chavez Chavez, on January 27th, against the Civil Code reform that allows same-sex marriages and adoption in the capital city, the prelate Sandoval Íñiguez stated that Mexico City’s Mayor, Marcelo Ebrard bribed the Supreme Court’s ministers to passed the law.
The Mayor gave the Cardinal twenty four hours to present any evidences that back his accusation or apologize publicly or otherwise he will sue him for moral damage. On Tuesday evening the spokesperson of the archbishopric of Guadalajara through a written statement confirmed that the prelate won’t withdraw his accusation and if there is a lawsuit against him, he will make publicly the evidences.
The controversy doesn’t end there, the Mexican Catholic Church stated through its weekly magazine “Desde la Fe” (From the Faith) that they considers the left wing party, the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), as a threat for the families after the approval of this controversial law and appealed the citizens not to vote for the PRD nor any political party that promoted same-sex marriages. The national president of the PRD, Jesus Ortega called the Mexican Catholic Church to reconsider their statements or else they will take legal action, due to the fact that they clearly violated the Mexican Constitution regarding to the article 130 that states:
“Religious ministers may not associate for political purposes or proselytize in favor or against a candidate, political party or association. Nor may in public meeting, in acts of worship, religious propaganda or publications of religious nature, oppose the laws of the country or its institutions, nor offend in any way the patriotic symbols”.
The Interior Ministry has not yet taken any position regarding to the whole controversy, but it has the obligation to sanction the Mexican Catholic Church, at least for the evident violation of article 130 of the Constitution related to the statement published on the weekly magazine “Desde la Fe”. I just hope that the rule of law that preaches so much the Mexican State prevail.


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