Mexico’s president, from a mediocre Commander and Chief to a Tour Guide

Photo courtesy of Royal Tour Mexico TV Series


Mexican President Felipe Calderon has been seen dressed as a military and taking “seriously” his role as Commander and Chief. When the local press does not favor him, he stated that if he had not been a politician he would have been a journalist and lectured the reporters of how he would organized the news stories in his make-believe newspaper that he named “Balance”. Now that he is decisive to boost tourism in Mexico, this autumn he will become the tour guide on the TV series "Royal Tour Mexico", that will be broadcast on U.S Public Television, beginning on the 23rd of September.


The American viewers will have the opportunity to see an adventurous and funny side of the Mexican president climbing the top of a Mayan Pyramid; descending with a rope a 375 meters “Sotano de las Golondrinas” caverns; scuba diving into a sinkhole lake known as cenote in the Yucatan Peninsula and helps an indigenous of Lacandona paddle a boat down a river in the jungle in the southern state of Chiapas. During the whole show he will be accompanied by the host Peter Greenberg. If the show does succeed and more U.S citizens decides to book their next vacation to any of Mexico’s tourist sites, then finally Felipe Calderon has found his true vocation that is really good at!


Promo of Royal Tour Mexico




But talking seriously, Mexico does not need tourism promotion right now, and specially coming from President Calderon. There is no doubt that foreigners have knowledge of the beauty, culture and the diversity of the country, on the contrary what it urgently needs is to restore peace and security that have been diminished by a drug war that clearly is a failure and has only brought violence and claimed 50 thousand lives in almost five years since Mr. Calderon launched his bloody war, according to Mexican weekly magazine “Zeta”.


As I’ve said in a previous post on this blog that the Mexican government should first clean up the house, make sure its safe and then brag about it. In other words, while Mexicans continues to feel insecure and can’t even go to a football stadium to enjoy a match with family and friends without out finding themselves in a middle of a crossfire, as Mexican football fan witness on live television this past Saturday in the Stadium Corona, home of the Santos Laguna team in the city of Torreon located in the northern state of Coahuila.


Footage of the shootout at Corona Stadium


Youtube account Ultapumastv


Live broadcast of TV Azteca during the shootout



With these backgrounds, President Calderon’s efforts to boost tourism will not pay off, not even with a TV show or hiring the best advertising and PR agencies of the world will bring back tourists, while the country continues to be in a state of war without a path.

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Yup great idea, i will visit Mexico in summer, where can i find online the Royal Tour Mexico?
This will at least bring the Mexican people back to being close to their own President.Calderon's advisers really had a great idea on this.

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