Mexico is no place for gays to be gay

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Although Mexico City is the only place in Mexico where it’s recognize gay rights and allows same- sex marriage, is still far to become a “pink paradise”. In a country where most of its population is catholic, and conservatives groups won’t allow anyone to corrupt Catholic values, even if its a government disposition.



Following the approval of a series of laws in recent years by Mexico City’s Legislative Assembly, such as the Law of Society and Coexistence and same-sex marriage,  that allows  the adoption of children, arose a national debate that gave us a glimpse of the level of homophobia that exists in the country.


According to the Human Rights Committee of Mexico City:  discrimination, intolerance and considering sexual diversity as a social threat, has reached a “shameful level in homophobic hate crimes”, placing Mexico in second place among Latin American countries.

A recent report released by the Citizen Committee against Homophobic Hate Crimes, asserts that murders of homosexuals, lesbians and transgender have increased in recent years in the country. From 1995-2009 there have been committed 640 homicides and Mexico City is at the top of the list with 143.


Surprisingly, on May 17th President Calderon signed a decree declaring this day as “Day of tolerance and respect for preference”, but the question arises if this is enough to fight against homophobic acts.


According to the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination (Conapred), the decree will push forward more strongly to eliminate in all areas of society attitudes that affects the rights and freedoms on an equal basis due to prejudices, stereotypes and stigmas moved by homophobia.


On the other hand, gay, lesbian and transgender organizations believes that the presidential decree is insufficient and pointed out that right wing government was too afraid to established the concept of “sexual preference” in the decree, because they believe that with this they would be promoting homosexuality.


It’s ironic, while Mexico demands better treatment and the respect for human rights of immigrants in the U.S, here, not just the gay community are being mistreated, but also other minority groups, such as the indigenous communities. Mexico is known to be unique, and it's precisely for its cultural richness and diversity. I strongly believe that as the society becomes more open, tolerant and inclusive, democracy is strengthen.


I would like to know your views on this issue.


First gay marriages in Mexico City



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