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Mexican fans mexico-uruguay

 Photo: Gabriel Infante


Absolutely shameful and disappointing! The Tri after playing an amazing game, orderly and with great precision against les Blues, and which caused the sub-champions’ meltdown, seems to have vanished away with Uruguay.
For the nearly 45 thousands fans that viewed the match at the city main square, the Zocalo, the joy and the high expectation didn’t last very long and quickly was superseded with disappointed faces and nervousness. Some simply shouted uncouth words against the Mexican players that were committing silly errors, specially to one particular player, the striker Guillermo Franco, the Argentinean naturalized Mexican. Others remained silent staring eagerly to the huge screen hoping that the national team will wake up and begin to play football. That did not occurred and Mexico went to half -time with a goal against.
The sense of the spectators at the 44,000 square meter plaza during the half-time was completely downhearted. The entertainers of the International FIFA Fan Fest tried unsuccessfully to cheer-up the fans by saying that there is still another 45 minutes to go, enough time to revert the score; sadly that didn’t happened.
In the second half the Mexicans played, in my point of view as a simple spectator, a little more focused and coordinated with the chance of scoring, but not with the same courage, attitude and determination that they had against the French. I have to say that the Uruguayans played way much better then the guys with the green t-shirt, since the first second of the match, showing their determination to win each match as it were their last, something that the Tri has never shown, they are very inconsistent.
This defeat definitely has to be a wake up call for the Tri, cause on Sunday evening is a win or die match with Argentina, and there will not be a second chance.
This is how fans experienced the match

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Los brasilenos están con los mexicanos y vamos a ganar de Argentina !!! Viva Mexico !!!!

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