Mexico, the route of death for Central and South American illegal immigrants

Central American illegal immigrants on top of "La Bestia" (Train) Foto El Mundo daily
The massacre of seventy two Central and South Americans undocumented immigrants killed in hands of one of the most violent Mexican drug gangs, ‘Los Zetas’ has outraged the Mexican society and the international community. The Mexican Government immediately condemned the atrocious crime and were surprised that illegal immigrants heading to the U.S are also a target for the organized crime; despite that they already had some knowledge that they were being mistreated, sold to traffickers or recruited as hit-men.
As the story unfolds it becomes more shocking and sub-real, something that we could expect to see in a blockbuster Hollywood horror film. No one can give credit that this type of things are occurring in the country.
On Monday the Mexican Marine had knowledge of the massacre after the only survivor, Luis Fredy Lala Pomadilla, an 18 year old Ecuadorian, injured, managed to get to one of the check point of the army crying out for help and alerting of what had happened. Once the armed forces got to the ranch in the Municipality of San Fernando in the northeastern Mexican State of Tamaulipas, and after a shootout, killing three alleged hit-men they made the grisly discovery.
According to the testimony of the only survivor, the group of men that detained them identified themselves as ‘Zetas’. First they were tortured, then they were asked for money so they could be released, obviously none of them had any. Later they were offered to work for them and that they would be paid one thousand dollars per fortnight, none of them accepted, so they were blindfolded, tied by hands and feet, then they were executed one by one.
As result of this horrific event, in just a few days we began to learn other testimonies of Central American illegal immigrants that have been held hostage by the Zetas and have pointed out that Federal agents and Immigrations agents are the ones who delivers them to the drug gang, as it reveals in a video released by the El Universal newspaper website.
Another striking testimony, also published by the El Universal newspaper, is Marisolina, a Salvadoran women who was abducted in the edge of the railroad track in Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. After she could not managed to pay three thousand dollars for her release, she become the cook of the kidnapped immigrants and of the kidnappers. Later on, she also had to washed the blood stains of the cloths of a man called ‘El perro’ (The dog), who confessed to her that he was in charge to kill all the immigrants that couldn’t pay and told her with details how he did it.
Certainly what happened this week in Tamaulipas, unveils an awful reality what illegal immigrants from Central and South America have to face while crossing Mexico to reach the northern border.
What is also disturbing and shameful is that as months pass by, we are witnessing how the organized crime is gaining more power and becoming more radical. President Calderon is determine to keep the army on the streets until the end of his term in office, which is on December 1st 2012, because he believes that withdrawing the army means putting the society in a vulnerable position. As I see it, they have not manage to hold back the violence, so what is the point of having them on the streets. Many here are wondering, where is this war taking us?


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