Mexican fans meltdown after Tri’s defeat

Mexican fan with tears

Published on front page of Reforma newspaper on 28/06/10


The humiliation was too much for many fans after Argentina crushed Mexico 3-1 in a win or die match to qualify to the quarter-finals. This match promised to be the rematch of Mexico against Argentina, in which the South American team defeated the Aztec national team four years back on German soil in the same stage of the World Cup.
The high expectations of the fans were expected since the Mexican Football Federation assured that the team will make history in this World Cup and with the optimistic dose of the local media, therefore the mix reactions of the fans were immediate. Some had tears in their eyes and were afflicted, while others just expressed their disappointment and few others went in rage.
Despite that the authorities previously announced that the fans will not be allowed to get near the vicinity of the Monument of the Angel of Independence—where fans traditionally celebrates the triumphs of the Tri— if the team loses. Somehow a small group of fans managed to get near the monument, where they confronted a group of young Argentinean women shouting the final score in a mocking tone, according to one of the fans. Nevertheless, the heated war of insults between Mexicans and Argentineans took place on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

guerra Mex Arg twitter

Mexicans VIP fans at Soccer City Stadium gone nuts
The atmosphere was stirred at the honor box reserved for the Mexican Football Federation at the Soccer City Stadium, once the final whistle was blown by the Italian referee, Roberto Rossetti, when a group of juniors and sons of politicians and businessman began to attack family members of the strikers Cuahtémoc Blanco and Guillermo Franco, which is shown in a series of videos upload on Youtube.
 Uploaded by Youtube user wakawakazon
According to a news report on the website of El Universal newspaper, Miguel Gómez-Mont Urueta, General Director of National Fund of Tourism (Fonatur) and brother of the current Interior Secretary of State, Fernando Gómez-Mont, took part of the commotion with a young man, apparently his son, which it seems that they assaulted physically and verbally the wife of Guillermo Franco and the younger brother of Cuahtémoc Blanco; he was dismissed from office hours later after the incident took place.
The actions of the Mexican fans was truly shameful and has shown their nasty side of their passion for football. It makes me wonder, that with this defeat their world has fallen apart and their national pride has been wounded. Seriously, for me its really hard to understand, why is so hard for the fans to see that this was just a match in an international sport event, that only intends to entertain the spectators with great football? Honestly, for me it’s pure nonsense to think that the national pride depends on football. What do you think?