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French press infuriates supporters of Mexico's national soccer team


The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa hasn't began yet, but it seems that the rivalry between Mexico and France for the up coming match on June 17th, have started to heat things up.
Recently the Mexican press has reported what the French press and sport journalist have said regarding to Mexico's national soccer team, better known here as the "Tri", wasn't well received by the fans and they haven't doubted to express their discomfort, some claiming that the "Blues" qualified to the World Cup thanks to Thierry Henry hand goal, others driven by their impulses hurl insults against the French on online forums.
What were these terrible things that the French press have said against the "Tri", that have infuriate their supporters? The French sport analyst, Poyetán Le Blanche wrote an article for the website under the title of "Mexico, the myth of  a country that pretends to be big", he basically points out that the "Tri" still has a soccer in development by not having the necessary wins to world power teams and its favored by a nationalist press thirsty for vicotories by giving false illusions. The other comment that angered Mexicans fans was published on the website of the French sport journal L’Equipe, were they referred to Mexico's national team as "ratones verdes" (green mice), a nickname that was given to the team by journalist Manuel Syede back in the 1966 FIFA World Cup England, because back then the players "ran aimlessly".
The Mexicans press also have had their share in all of these, and they didn't doubt to spice things up with a little dose of controversy. The Mexican sport website published on March 15th a nonsense headline: ‘ Spy’ Frenchwoman observed the Triand was reproduced throughout the press. The so call "spy" was not other then France 24 correspondant in Mexico, Laurence Cuviller, that had the witticism to ask in a news conference how is the team preparing for the coming  match with France.
Are Mexican fans making a big fuss for nothing?